Can Micro-Current be used around the eye to improve texture and tone? 
Yes. The skin around the eye is delicate and thin and not all electrical treatments are safe to use close to the eye area. CACI can be used in MICRO LIFT MODE specifically around the eye due to the low current used and no actual muscle contraction. CACI have patented the TSUNAMI WAVE (flat on the surface and big on the shore). This translates to minimum irritation on skin surface but maximum effect on the muscle. 
Do I really need to have a course of treatments? 
For optimum results using CACI Micro- Current treatments the answer is Yes. The technology works by re-educating, toning and firming the muscles whilst at the same time softening fine lines and wrinkles leaving the skin firmer supple and glowing. Visible results are seen after first treatment but maximum effect is seen after say a course of between 8-12 treatments and then monthly maintenance treatments. It is the same principal of working out in the gym, regular workouts keep the body tone firm and improve the skins appearance. 
Are there Contra Indications for Micro- Current treatments?  
Yes, it is very important clients complete the initial Client Consent Form where all the contra indications are shown. Some conditions will require a note from your GP before treatment can commence. Please contact SkinTone. 
regarding any queries or concerns. 
Can I have CACI Micro Current treatments if I have been treated with dermal fillers? 
Yes but you must wait 2 weeks after the injections this is due to discomfort in the injected areas. 
Can I have CACI Micro- Current treatments if I have been treated with Botox? 
Yes but the areas Botox has been injected must be avoided as the nerve response from the muscle to the brain has been paralysed. Botox could also be dispersed if a current is applied over it. Botox areas can worked on after 3 months. Typically most people only treat forehead and eyes with Botox, therefore neck and jowl lifts can still be performed. 
What is ETR and how will my skin benefit? 
Enhanced Tissue Repair technique has amazing healing effects and is used in burn units in hospitals. Skin is more retentive following treatments. Excellent treatment for scarring on cheeks and fine lines on forehead, effects are not apparent until 3/4 treatment, ETR does produce excellent results can be used on face and body using small and large pads. 
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